The Sunday Morning Paper

Like many people, I enjoy reading the Sunday paper (the New York Times is strongly preferred). Today I am sharing a table with a stranger in Starbucks. He’s reading the full print version of the Sunday NY Times while I’m reading headlines for the Sunday Paper in Bloglines. This man has been tearing out the articles he wants to keep and he seems to be overwhelmed by the amount of paper and information that lies in front of him. Meanwhile, I have been tagging articles I want to keep in and swiftly scanning the sections and headlines that I want.

If there was ever a commercial for RSS Feeds and/or a tagging application, this Starbucks incident would make for the perfect juxtaposition. If this post doesn’t make sense or if you think I sound like a total geek, (I apologize) check out the guide to RSS – it’s a quick and easy beginner’s guide to RSS technology.

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