– Marketing Podcast Show #3: Interview with Kevin Perkins

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Marketing Podcast
Marketing Podcast

Welcome to the Marketing and Advertising Podcast Show #3: Special interview with Kevin Perkins CEO of Greenlight Wireless.

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Show notes:
Intro and new voicemail number (please disregard the comment voicemail number!)

Interview and discussion throughout the show; Kevin PerkinsCEO Greenlight Wireless
-Mobile browsing via Skweezer
-Perfect for those looking to browse mobile websites without special software or a special mobile site in place.
-can be used on 98% of the mobile handsets currently in the marketplace
Advertizer network for mobile ads to display via the skweezer network.

What is the revenue model? Tune in and find out…

The Mobile space – as it stands today

-Google moving into the mobile advertising space -what does this mean for Mobile and for Greenlight Wireless
-Whats happening around the world re:Mobile.
-Mobile space in China
-Whats going on with US mobile carriers today; text messaging, video messaging, pricing structure.

– Whats next for mobile!

A big thanks to Kevin Perkins for participating on the first interview on

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