Mobile Movie Info: Fandango vs. Moviefone


Like travel sites, movie information portals have huge mobile marketing potential. Looking up theatres, movie titles, and showtimes via mobile phone or PDA is very convenient and much easier than dialing 777-FILM, or looking up show info in the newspaper. Here are the two sites that I’ve come across that cater to mobile movie information:

Moviefone – This outdated, palm-pilot era website barely works. It’s owned an operated by AOL and guess what? It stinks! Not only does the “Find a Movie” feature not work, but the “Find A Theatre” operation leaves much to be desired. This site led me to search for a better alternative…


Fandango – Fandango Mobile is truly the winner here. Not only can a user easily search by theatre or movie, but fandango allows you to buy tickets for the shows. I just completed the process in about 5 minutes (fandango registration required – if you don’t have an account, it takes about 2 minutes). It’s still useful for information even if you do not want to buy tickets beforehand. Now if only Fandango would drop it’s outrageous surcharge of $1.50 per ticket!

fandango 1.JPG

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