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I listen to online radio via iTunes almost everyday. I will typically start with one of the Ambient or Classical channels in the morning, then switch to Rock or Reggae in the afternoon. I have discovered many songs and bands that I love through the iTunes internet radio aggregator. With the exception of a few stations, iTunes will tell you the title and musician while a song is playing. It’s great but…

Why not also include a link to buy or download the song? I have resorted to writing down the songs that I like and I very rarely find them in the iTunes Music Store. Perhaps this has saved me a lot of money but it’s also caused much frustration.

Here is the perfect marketing opportunity for Apple and it’s online Music Store. Why not add a “Click to Buy” feature for every song? Partner with the online radio stations or at least tell me where I can download the music that I like. This is the Long Tail frustration factor in effect…

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