Mobile Stinks


I have a bone to pick with Orbitz. I recently wrote a post praising Orbitz’ marketing group for developing a mobile friendly website:

Let’s face it, travel companies should be leading the pack when it comes to developing websites and services for the mobile browser. Out of all people, travellers and those who are on the road could really benefit from mobile access airline, train, or ground transportation information.

For example, I am now stuck in traffic on the way to JFK airport and I am trying to check the status of my flight since I’m running late. I figured I would try out the orbitz website but to my dismay, no longer works on the mobile browser! I tried to find the American Airlines pda site too but the only link I found was inactive.

Oh well. Companies, especially airlines should step in to the mobile space and change things for the better. Apparently there is still room for “first mover advantage” too.

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