Links Round-Up 7/27


TV is Changing and TV Companies Better Folow – AdRants offers some important statistics on the future of television:

1. 33 percent want TV-like features of their PCs
2. 15 percent want them on their cell phone
3. 46 percent use their DVRs to skip commercials
4. 58 percent use their DVR to record programming
5. 35 percent use their DVR to pause live TV
6. 49 percent use their DVR every day
7. 63 percent use it once a week
8. 55 percent fast forward through commercials
9. Interestingly, 15 percent use thir DVRs to rewind and watch commecials
10. 42 percent use free video on demand
11. 59 percent use the DVR to access free local information

iMedia Connection: 10 Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Agency – Sean Cummings, Marketing Director of offers some interesting insight on the structure of agencies and the interactive vs. traditional dilemma.

Handbook of the Business Revolution – Manifesto – Fast Company is one of my favorite online publications (and there’s a print version too – I think). As the name implies, FC covers developments, trends and case studies of the fast-paced business world. This article – or manifesto – is certainly worth a read.