Can Big Advertising Agencies Stay Hip and Cool?

Fast Company is running a very interesting poll:

Why can`t big companies make themselves cool?

  • They put products` functions before style
  • They aren`t prioritizing cultural awareness
  • They have grown too large and stagnant

According to the poll, 55% of participants believe the answer to be choice 3 – “They have grown to large and stagnant.” This result is also very true in the case of large creative and media buying agencies who are having great difficulty adapting to new technology and evolving consumer habits.

One might argue that agency size and stagnation are becoming increasingly common factors in the failure to implement successful integrated marketing campaigns. In fact, the business model of most sizable media and advertising agencies is reliant on the the television upfront and traditional :30 money maker. The mid-level decision makers and management have everything to lose and therefore hinder the natural evolution of the company.

Conversely, smaller, private agencies like Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, Taxi, and Naked have been very successful in creating brand awareness campaigns. These agancies are more loosely structured or rather – they do not have rigid protocols and siloed functions for media planning and creative work. On the contrary, these agencies are nimble and experimental.

Here is another poll that we ran not too long ago on Marketing.FM:

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