TiVo & Branded Content = Advertising on Demand

Tivo is now offering advertising on demand. Advertisers can submit product pieces that range from fifteen seconds or sixty minutes. According to Tivo’s website, there are already a number of advertisers who offer video advertising on demand. What an amazing concept and truly unique opportunity for marketers to showcase their brands. This is a coup for customers and marketers alike.

Tivo’s somewhat upscale subscriber base must be a consideration for marketers. As of now, BMW and New Line Cinema are among the main supporters. Movie trailers are the ideal fit and BMW Films has been producing popular sixty second and two minute clips for new cars. Moreover, one might argue that on demand advertising segments and detailed marketing content must be brand relevant and category appropriate. For example, a three minute Tivo segment on demand may not be the best fit for the launch of a new and improved toilet paper (unless for some reason the content was especially funny, and/or a breakthrough in the field – 5-ply toilet paper perhaps?).

Consumers will be able to learn more about only the products of direct interest and meaning. I can’t wait to watch movie previews and enhanced behind the scenes footage before I pay $10 to go to the theatre. Hopefully advertising on demand will be available on the more universal DVR’s soon too.

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