CBS introducing broadband channel – innertube

With the upfront just around the corner CBS is looking to launch its broadband channel over at

Here is the word from

Various CBS executives have made mention of an upcoming broadband site launch recently, although all said the site would likely launch during or after upfront week. The site was expected to be fodder for discussion at the network’s upcoming affiliates meeting. CBS executives are in talks with affiliates now and say they the network is extremely concerned with affiliate relations regarding the subject.

What does the blogosphere have to say about all this?
Lots of coverage.

This marks another network that has jumped on board to provide broadband streaming video to viewers (all ad supported of course). It will not be long before all networks have to provide their shows this way.

There is much speculation right now about keeping the current relationships strong with advertisers and affiliates, but in my opinion this will only bolster these ties. I believe that providing free or ad supported streams of shows, networks will truly begin to see the longtail in effect, and gain viewership beyond that of regular re-runs or primetime television. Once the infrastructure is in place to deliver this video, hardware and software, the price to provide it will come down exponentially and therefore be very lucrative to networks.

Now netowrks have to do to stay on top is continue to produce content that is better than what is being made in someones basement right now, that will have over 1 million views tomorrow via YouTube.

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