TV Guide: The Little Engine That Could


TV Guide has done an impressive job keeping up with technology over the years and they’ve come a long way from that little guide on the coffee table. There still is a TV Guide magazine but it profiles new shows and specials with more photos and an aesthetic barely reminiscent of the old pocket-sized book. There is also a TV Guide channel which despite the shift to digital cable (and therefore an on screen, interactive guide that one can click through), remains a surprisingly popular destination – it offers previews and program recommendations.

In much more recent news, TV Guide has develped 65 television blogs where fans can go to discuss and learn about their favorite programs (and TV Guide can sell ad space on).

Even more impressively though, TV Guide Mobile is one of the leaders in shortform mobile content via cellualr phones. One can also access a complete television listing. Perhaps in the near future, TV Guide will somehow pair up with TiVo on the go or enable remote DVR programming too.

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