Is local search advertising the future?

Coverage from a recent Business Week article caught my attention with an interesting story from a recent advertiser who is using search to target local customers for their business. To summarize exactly what local search is, here is a great definition from the article:

Ensuring that you don’t pay for clicks from out-of-area Web surfers isn’t the only benefit offered by local search. Like other search engine advertising, the local variety lets you track your account closely to find out which keywords are most successful at drawing customers and how much you’re spending each day. For companies with tight marketing budgets, those are no small advantages.

It is clear that reaching prospects in a targetted area makes more sense than reaching everyone (in most cases) and the search engines are making this possible. I forsee great strides in this area in the coming years, and even more benefit to advertisers.

Some see this as an overall decrease in budgets as advertisers zone in on their targets – I see it as a opportunity. By targetting their core consumer they will increase their own visibility, success, and in turn business growth. This of course completes the circle back to larger budgets. As companies learn from the first users of this new space they too will see the benefits and follow soon.

So what is the answer? Well I will let the results of Absolute Adventure’s advertising speak on there own:

The local approach is working. Absolute Adventure’s revenues doubled, to $400,000, in the 12 months ended in August, 2005. “Online advertising is the single most important contributing factor to our success,” says Zenorini. “We ask every client how they found us, and apart from repeat business, about 97% found us online.”

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