The aggregator of aggregators is my advertisers friend?


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I recently discovered (beta) which appears to be the ultimate aggregator of all agregators.

Bottom line: enter your data once – see it everywhere.

Heres the current lineup of places your data (listing) is included in:,,,,,,

Essentially this is a FREE classifieds listing service that allows you to create a profile, upload pictures, and include your listing information once – and postlets will push the data out to the above 7 providers (although at the time of this writing there is some problems with Craigslist).

Although they say (bottom) they do not know how to monetize this service, its clear they have a business model – once your build your listing it is stored on a postlets page with Google Adsense running next to it.

Overall I think this is a great feature for both listers and listees (i.e. google base) because it allows for integration throughout the web. Its a push technology that throws your data into the other services without waiting to be crawled by the other aggregators.

From an advertising perspective this grows the market of online aggregator databases exponentially – and hopefully they will all converge on a standard point of entry for information. I wonder if in the future this will mean that you can take a peice of the advetising revenue, considering you are basically making content for the aggregators to run ads against. One could argue that this is in fact a form of spam, because you are simply duplicating the content across multiple listing services. What happens when adsense is run against the same listing 7 times?* (assuming all players involved run adsense to monetize their efforts) I am sure that this is not traditional spam – but I am just challenging the convention that content must be original and not duplicated for purposes of contextual ad revenue.

I personally saw a ton of postlets entries on the newly launched Google Base Real Estate feature – and I am sure more have propogated throughout the web. I think this is a great tool and will continue to improve. If and when a standard is reached – services like postlets will be out of business as your listing automatically populates itself on all major classified services.

The real battle here is: who can get the listing FIRST.

*I am aware Craigslist does not currently run ads – just using a general example 🙂

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