Thanks AdJab for pointing me to the new ad for Amp’d which will feature 6 streaming video spots in ONE ad. These mega-ad blocks are going to run in Yahoo, Maxim, Fox Sports, and many other top tier web properties.

At first glance this really seems like a big deal…I mean “6 VIDEO’s AT ONCE!!” – definetley grabs the limelight and stretches the reach of this ad providing it at least 15 clicks of fame (heh). Once the initial “cook” factor wears off, I can almost predict that another advertiser is going to step up to the plate with !!8!! blocks of video. This of course leaves room for Gillette to develop the worlds first 20 block of video advertising unit within a 320×250 space – knocking the competition out of the water.

All satire aside, my point is that this type of gimmick accomplishes what Amp’d is going for – initial “oooh aaaah” value, and a little more reach with their ad. In time, as I have suggested before, these types of moves will be lost in a sea of sameness.

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