Saatchi & Saatchi Reacts to New Media


As an ongoing effort, will continue to monitor the effects and changes taking place at large advertising agencies as a result of emerging media and marketing platforms. For example, in a recent article, we discussed Publicis’ launch of Denuo, a hip, limber group specializing in new media and digital marketing (stay tuned for Denuo updates).

In an article titled, “What’s the Biggest Change Facing Companies in the Next Ten Years?�? Fast Company interviews Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide:

The dominant interface of the future is the screen. TV, the most obvious screen, is one of a family of screens–mobile devices, computers, and big Times Square billboards–engaging consumers. And they all have to work together. No one medium is going to replace another. I’ve got 2,000 creative people at Saatchi, and instead of them doing 30-second spots, I want them producing content across all the screens. The promise shouldn’t change. What should change is the context and the way it’s handled for the mobile phone or the computer, TV, or movies. But Nike should always be ‘Just do it’ no matter the medium.

Thanks to technology, there are countless new opportunities for creative marketing. It’s exciting to see companies and agencies embracing new media and the future. Increasingly, it will become imperative for advertisers to participate. Brands and agencies who move now could likely benefit from the early adopter advantage. Likewise, those who refuse to consider the exciting options presented by emerging digital trends will most likely be forced to catch up. For perhaps the best insight on this topic, I recommend reading Joseph Jaffe’s book, “Life After the: 30 Spot�? – you can also start by reading his chapter on the future of Ad Agencies here:

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