Google: The 21st Century Department Store



Google will soon be your one-stop-shop for everything (if it’s not already). Currently, offers comparative product search capabilities and acts as a broker or link to more in depth retail websites. According to a 3/17 Adotas article, Google will now offer a searchable e-commerce database – Google Base - for retailers who do not necessarily have an online division or e-commerce department. The initiative will allow individual sellers, stores and/or brands to submit product information, pricing and specifications to Google. In addition, Google Base will include real estate listings. Imagine Google as a virtual department store with even more comprehensive and helpful resources than eBay.

A beta version of Google Base will be released in Europe where Google is already a preferred search engine and according to Adotas, “voted the most trusted and reliable online brand name in the UK.â€? Beware Craig’s List, Amazon and eBay.

How will Google Base affect Marketers and Brands? If anything it’s a great new development – especially for smaller name-brands. Imagine the possible reach that Google can provide with it’s trustworthy name, high volume of users, and sophisticated search capabilities. It could become the global trading floor for products and consumers.

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