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is not new, but shows the recent changes that are happening in the telecom’s race to own and monetize your Internet connection.

AT&T announced on Thursday that it has cut introductory prices on its high speed Internet service to the lowest level yet: $12.99 per month.

I think its safe to say the race, or should I say countdown, to free ubiquitous broadband connectivity for all is upon us. Whether its through the major initiatives by search engines for free wifi, or making price cuts to try to garner more subscribers, its only a matter of time. This brings up an important debate and ongoing legal battle about the telecoms fighting to keep free wifi out of the hands of the consumer. I mean if one could argue the need for free municipal wifi – then why not include power, water, and other much needed utilities? Maybe its because of the sheer cost of providing other utilties free…or maybe because the public has simply never demanded it. Never before has such a utility (broadbandwifi) become so accepted across the US and the world, with literally the best adoption rate in history. (I may be wrong here but it seems that TV and Radio acceptance did not take off this fast.)

So in true Internet controversial means I will make a prediction to free wifi across the US: 2 years from today. March 6, 2008 – I hope to revisit this post from Central Park and post about being right or wrong.

When do you think Internet access will be free? Or will it even be free?

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