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The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is running the risk of both a catastrophic failure or a runaway success. Figuring out why it would be bad to fail is easy; embarrassment, lost funds, accepting failure, learning from defeat etc.. The hard part is figuring out why being a runaway success can be difficult though. Most people find themselves in the middle ground or what I call the “safe zone” of corporate America where big talk at the water cooler ends up being just that – TALK. People find all kinds of reasons why they “cant” or “wont” do something in life and taking a chance to start your own company, fund your dreams, or just do something different are all just as scary. Being successfull means dealing with everything that comes along with that including the pressure of managing a companies finances, to teams of people that rely on your company for their survival. (this is a simplified outlook but hopefully still helpful)

This post is a tribute to those who have taken the road less travelled and taken a chance on life. Here are some recent collected links to get you startedmotivated:

Go It Alone! Book

Go It Alone!
The recent book published by Harper Collins in which both the author and the publishing company are taking a risk by releasing the ENTIRE book free online. (also helps that the book is about taking the giant leap into being an entrepreneur)

Don Dodge – The new way to launch your product or company

This article defines the launch of a product or a company in the post web 2.0 world perfectly. If you are currently working in or thinking about a startup company – start by reading this post. He speaks about the proper ways to approach bloggers and the benefits that can arrise from this, but always concentrates back on the importance of the product or service speaking for itself. I think there are many ways to launch a company or spend marketing dollars – but they all fall back on the backbone of your product.

Today it is much easier to get a company started. But, with so many companies and products launching does it make it harder to get noticed? Not if you take advantage of the new approaches to exposing your beta product on the web, and engage the blog community for early feedback and promotion. It only takes one or two A-List bloggers to get you noticed. Then it is up to the product to speak for itself.

I think this is a great link because it also outlines the way to go about launching a new blog – in this case 😉

Next up is another mandatory feed subscription for an entrepreneur looking for some advice: Feld Thoughts – On Corporate Structure

This article simplifies the difference between an S-Corp, a C-Corp, and an LLC – all with links back to everyone favorite new resource

Thanks all for now but stay tuned for more entrepreneurial coverage.

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