How to make a brand evangelist for LIFE

1 Billion iTunes

In recent Apple iTunes events covered by many news outlets (here, here & here) Apple recieved some of the best press I have seen in recent months without spending any money on advertising. The lucky downloader of the 1 billionth song on itunes (Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Mich.) recieved the following:

  • 20″ Screen iMac
  • 10 iPods
  • $10,000 gift certificate to iTunes

How could this guy not be a mac person now for life? Granted its in no ones best interest to spend over $10,000 per customer aquisition, but the influence he willalready has over his friends and family definetley makes for quite an allie for Apple.

Looking at this entire process from an advertising perspective its clear the Apple PR machine was well oiled up for this spectacle. I also agree that this is exactly what should have been done. Can you imagine if Dell, Sony, or others did a similar thing for their hardware sales? This is what keeps Apple ahead of the pack.

Although there has been much talk of change lateley…this is what keeps Apple a “we” company and Sony a “they” company.

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