Advertise Different – EggVertising


The first in a series about advertisers that go against the grain and help forge ahead in a sea of sameness a company called EggFusion has gone ahead and become the winner of the first company to be covered in‘s Advertise Different coverage. EggFusion, as you can see from above, is banking on the fact that you are going to look at your eggs before you purchase them (as well as when you get home) and see the advertising that will now be lasered into every egg. The added benefit to the consumer comes in the form of laser etched expiration date’s that will also accompany every brand message.  With over 50 billion eggs sold per year EggFusion certainly has a large sales number to work with. Only the future will tell us whether or not this company will succeed or not, but hey – what a great idea!

Thus I have named this new channel – EggVertising

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