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There has been much talk lately of the blogosphere and the A,B, and C list bloggers. Everyone seems to disagree on the importance of having these lists, or whether they should not be used at all. One positive thing that has occurred is that more people are joining the conversation. Articles and blog posts have been written recently about the state of the blogosphere and how difficult it is to break into this field. I believe that content is still king and the right ideas and questions can generate as much traffic as a so called “A list blogger”?. The benefit some of these popular blogs have is that during a down cycle of posts or writing the readers do not ever take the author off of their reader or surf habits due to, well habit. By pro actively joining the conversation “late”? it is my goal to generate ideas, garner conversation, and spark interest in the areas I cover in an effort to give other marketers and executives a window to what they have been searching for online.

As the curtain in front of is pulled away you will see a different approach that allows novices and experts alike to participate in the conversation and learn together. One of the biggest problems I have seen to date for a “late adopter”? (i.e. most large agencies) is that there is no starting point for vocabulary, knowledge, or comprehending new and innovative ideas. This blog will cover learning about new media, learning about emerging media, and explain all aspects of interactive marketing for beginners. Some of the topics will delve into the most advanced and expert topics of the moment – while always keeping in mind that our reader – the marketer – will always make up his or her own mind.

To all those that say you cannot start a blog in 2006 – please use this blog as your exception to the rule in your 2007 predictions…

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