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Thanks to John Dowdell, it appears the IE/no-Flash development is not as serious as originally reported by Please see below:

(Q) Will advertisements be affected?
(A) Because most ad servers use an external script-based mechanism for detecting and serving Flash, they already employ a technique proposed by Microsoft for activating active content. To learn more about the expected changes to Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s proposed solutions for active content, please see the MSDN article.â€?

Original Post:

As reported by Adotas from email, Microsoft officially announced the suspension of flash technology for all those who use Internet Explorer software. Microsoft has been involved in an ongoing patent dispute with Eolas Technologies since 2004. Despite numerous appeals, the struggle continues. This will essentially put a halt on all “Flash-based” media across the web for IE users.
While a suspension of “Flash” may sound dire for interactive advertising, it could also be temporary relief from annoying advertisements for web surfers. Furthermore, the problem will be easily fixed through a patch that is already available. More information can be found here.

More importantly, what are the implications? From an advertising standpoint, some paid media will certainly be affected and pre-empted given the widespread use of Internet Explorer. In addition, this issue may result in more users switching to alternative browsers such as Firefox which has been growing browser market share.

Watch this space closely as things will change quickly given the fact that multiple sides to this battle have dynamic flash inventory running out on the internet right now.

Insight: Microsoft may be happy about this “block” in support of its supposed Flash killer

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