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Broadcasting my links and things I read

I recently started using BufferApp both on my phone and my browser to syndicate content to my other networks.  I currently have the free account and have connected Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and  I also use Buffer on my phone to send content (but mainly through the email function).

Buffer is a web service that takes content from you or others, and syndicates it via a shortened URL across multiple services.  You can “buffer” content to be sent instantly, or scheduled for some time in the future.

It has been very handy for me as I come across great links to share, and quickly want a way to send them out.

My buffer flow is as follows;

1. find great content
2. open in mobile safari and email link to buffer app (modifying subject which is the words in the post)
3. check stats/rinse and repeat

I started using my own account to track better stats across content which has been eye opening to see how things perform.  I continue to predict content that will flourish and am constantly surprised at how things do.  Links that I think are great sometimes fall flat, while linke I think are “meh” seem to get lots of traction. Overall people seem to enjoy the content which is a net win.

For the first time ever I am pushing content to LinkedIn.  I have been on the service forever, but never thought to share links there because its just too cumbersome.  Now with Buffer I share everything – and am getting a decent response rate.  My content is limited to my LinkedIn network which is inversely impacting my overall reach.  I don’t want to optimize for reach in LinkedIn as it would grow the network beyond people that I know – but strangely sharing content their make it almost the point.  As someone once said about linkedin “its like Pokemon, you just need to collect them all” which is to say you may as well try to connect with the world.  Whats the downside?

I am also for the first time sharing content with – which has been a virtual graveyard for me that I am trying to resurrect.  I don’t participate in the network other than sending info, but all communities need the initial seeds to grow.  I feel I can spend time there for a future time when its had time to grow.

My primary network of “attention” is Twitter and Facebook which continue to grow.  My engagement seems “good” but I don’t have a decent proxy for what to expect.

I am very interested in determining the virality of my links and ability to read things first vs. catching them later.  I no longer use a news reader (like google reader) which as any long time reader of my blog know is a big deal as I used to be fixated on reading all my feeds.

I love sharing this content and wonder if I can keep up my momentum – I would love to hear feedback either way if you are on the receiving end of my links.

Where do you share your content?



Links Roundup 07.10.09

Great links from around the web

EyeWonder has super takeover ads – annoying or innovative?

Clickable published the Clickable Guru Guide to Search Marketing*

A great writeup on the RFP process agencies go through – and how painful it can be.

Google announces Google Chrome OS – competition is a good thing, especially in the OS wars

Great images from around the web in 2008

What did I miss this week? Let me know in the comments or contact me.

*Clickable is a portfolio company of my employerUSV

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Links Roundup 07/02/09

Great links from around the web:

Are you a founder? Great writeup of what it takes to be a founder and see if you fit the bill.

TubeChop Great way to microchunk youTube videos

Ad supported Internet report from the IAB

Blind Search Blind search between Yahoo, Google, and Bing without knowing the results publisher – very cool

Google Page Speed Google introduces Page Speed and a great tool for webmasters

Deliver something of value every week – Very straightforward

10 Ways to launch a blog

Ignore Sunk Costs – from Seth Godin

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Radar 10/03/08

On the radar links for 10/03/08 – an ongoing look at what I am looking at. Some things deserve to be posted but do not make it into their own stand alone post. This gives me the ability to share links with some commentary.

If you are familiar with the service you will no doubt appreciate this remix by Anil
Great writeup by Adam Singer – Where are all the digital natives
Will be interesting to see what happens over at CrowdFusion
Tips and tricks for Google Chrome
MTV Tribe Ad network - interesting idea as more and more companies are thinking about this.
This simply cracks me up – RealNetworks
If you have not already seen it – checkout the Microsoft Mojave Experiment

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Looking back at 2007

I found a few articles I tagged in the past year or at the end of 2006 that had some predictions for 2007. I find it great to go back and read some of the good ones:

Business Week – 2007 may be the year they fully embrace the Net

BBC – Web Users Driving Change in 2007

NY Times – The Crystal Ball: What’s Ahead in Ads

Americans have been talking the talk for a while, but 2007 is the year they’re ready to walk the walk, ad executives said. Consumers want to know where products come from, how they were made and what companies and brands believe in.

Do think these predictions came true?

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More Marketing Links Roundup 10/24/07

Marketing Links

Welcome back to another edition of the Marketing links roundup – making it easier to digest the weekly happenings in the world of online marketing.

First up big new in the world of social networking:
Microsoft makes a $240MM investment in Facebook

In similar news RIM announced a Facebook application for Blackberry users which I heard about at Blackberry cool

Here is a funny Facebook parody called “CrackBook” (maybe NSFW)

Google has made some major PageRank updates that are affecting many blogs.
Not relevant? Page Rank is what many blog networks use to backup their advertising rate cards and charge certain prices for the sale of text links. If Google really has altered the Page Rank algorithm it will be awhile before we know the ramifications of the shakeout. Perhaps Google found a way to identify “Paid Links” on blogs. This blog has a Page Rank of 5 which I thought was decent…from the recent fallout I am starting to think its not half bad at all:)

Apple lays out its 10 year plan
With a stock price that keeps climbing and perhaps the biggest holiday period coming in recent history for Apple, suddenly not being #1 has its advantages. The market share for Apple has nowhere to go but up in Q4 and into 2008. The question remains how big can they get before their first major problem?

Vimeo launches HD video sharing
Hey cable companies – are you listening?

GraphWise Search engine for table data.

Equity Firms to Buy Alltel in $27.5 Billion Deal

MediaShift has a great article about how a newsroom of the future may look

Take a closer look at how Google ranks Blogs

Microsoft launched its content ads network


Marketing Links Roundup 08/04/07

Marketing Links

Here are some fresh links to keep you going through the day:

Crispin Porter loses ConAgra Orville Account – no surprise here after they resurrected the original ads and created one of the creepiest spots of all time.

Checkout your house’s WalkScore – and see what is around where you live.

The Simpson’s movie promotion engine is still not stopping…

Microsoft will be handling a large portion of the advertising over at

Amp’d mobile is finally closing its doors after the MVNO couldn’t support itself.

Mike Davidson creates a possible solution to email overload. launches – share revenue of your Facebook app for a chance to get redundant hosting.

Microsoft – MSN search share is up – possible due to some casual gaming practices. Do these count as real search queries?

Google is placing image ads in search results – We knew this would happen, but it is finally here.

Google Apps. vs. Microsoft Office
– Business Week has a great article.

Oh and for a quick humor break and fact from Family Guy – Optimus Prime is Jewish!
(feed readers please click through to see youtube video)

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Marketing.FM Links Round-Up: 4/11/07

Marketing Links

Welcome back to another Marketing links roundup. We find interesting marketing and advertising articles around the web and around the blogosphere and share them with you to catch up on anything missed and hopefully share some interesting information. Enjoy!

Five Ways to Do Better In a Phone Interview: I recently started reading Penelope Trunk’s blog “The Brazen Careerist” and I love her advice. Her content has also been a nice tie in to our recent theme/coverage of what one might call: Self-Marketing 2.0.

Rule No. 1 For Planners: Be A New Media Whiz: The headline of this article should be a wake-up call for anyone in a traditional media planning position.

WPP’s Martin Sorrell: Mobile & New Media: Sorrell calls for marketers (and ad agencies) to be more experimental with new media (perhaps easier said than done but nonetheless, good advice). In the meantime, Sorrell is definitely experimenting with New Media Acquisitions… Some in-depth commentary and advice from the consulting group, Kaiser Associates. Blogs are the perfect outlet for companies like this and I’m enjoying their content…

Mobivity: Here is a blog focusing on mobile marketing. I like what I’ve been readig so I just subscribed.

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Marketing.FM Links Round-Up: 3/16/07

Marketing Links

Welcome back to another Marketing links roundup. We find interesting marketing and advertising articles around the web and around the blogosphere and share them with you to catch up on anything missed and hopefully share some interesting information. Enjoy!

Southwest Airlines Blog
– SWA’s blog authors include: pilots, customer service agents, marketing managers, executives. What’s next – baggage handlers? Why not. It’s a decent blog and an interesting approach. It’s seems to be a natural extension to their already different, innovative and popular approach to airline travel.

WSJ: Advertising Lacks Talent & Adequate Pay – WSJ hits a nerve with this article (log-in req)

Business Week: Social Networking Goes Niche
– Some good insight on Social media trends and the future.

There is a new virtual world in town joining the likes of Second Life and many others. This one is called Kaneva – expect to see some more buzz around it soon.

Everybody is buzzing about Twitter – if you havn’t checked it out yet, it is a semi-IM like client that broadcasts your up to the minute status to friends and others. Some love, others hate it – I am undecided. (But I still have an account)

What do you do when you want to gain market share?
Leverage your biggest users. Microsoft is bribing their biggest customers to push on users in return for software.

Uber Widget – show every account to everyone (this one I am not signing up for as its a bit too much even for me)

Marketers Increasingly Using Social Networking Sites – Title says it all

Google Advertising – friends with Newspapers and Radio stations

Track online video stats across multiple sites - simple, yet needed by many!

The future of testing footwear by Adidas

Checkout LikeitMatters – Marketing and new media consulting

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