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Asics Subway Ad via CBS Outdoors

During my daily commute I go through the Union Square 14st MTA subway station. I have noticed over the past few weeks a new installment similar to some things I have seen in movie theaters. Broadcasting onto one of the subway walls in a high traffic area that connects all the trains in that station was a big blue square. I knew immediately that it had to be some form of advertising as when people walked past the image interacted with the shadows that interrupted the projection. After doing some digging I did manage to find some more information about this new advertising.

A little while later I saw “CBS Outdoor” being broadcast on the wall with the same level of interactivity as you walked by. It gave the appearance of liquid or as if the wall was made of water or blue gel.

A few days ago the first true ad went up with the new projection system from Asics. I took a picture which is below:

Asics Subway Ad

It is all part of a Union Square subway takeover by Asics also taking advantage of traditional ads that are up in what seems to be EVERY location in the station. See this Flickr picture for an example.

Below is another shot of the same ad. The concept behind this is actually pretty cool. It seems CBS Outdoor is responsible for the installation which appears to be a very serious projector and some form of computer with it then they sell the opportunity to advertisers.

Asics Subway Ad

As far as execution I think it was well done. I notice many people speeding through the crowded hallways checking out the ad, but not too many people actually stop to interact with it. In fact, I witnessed more people stopping and interacting with the blue wall, before anyone knew it was CBS Outdoor or Asics.

I think as with many new and innovative ideas, Asic’s is missing out on some opportunities with this ad. They should have more information available at their website. Its fine if they bury it somewhere under press and corporate info, but why not have a living example of all advertising done to date? I mean you have paid millions to get it to this point – why not let people enjoy it online also? Heck, let people embed pictures and video of the content so it spreads further! You have a bunch of niche marketing bloggers out there like and tons of others – give us content:)

For those really interested here is a Google Map of where the ads can be found: (Look for Union Square Park in the map – thats the location for you non-New Yorkers)

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7-Elevens Converted to Kwik-E Marts for Simpsons Movie


To promote the upcoming Simpsons movie, select 7-Elevens will be disguised as Kwik-E Marts in New York, LA, and San Francisco. I love this idea. Fans of the Simpsons are likely to appreciate the creativity and brilliance in this unconventional marketing idea. Moreover, those who are unfamiliar with the inside joke will inevitably seek an explanation for the name change!


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Jeep Waterfall Display

Created by Stephen Pevnick the waterfall seen in this video was created with falling water only. To all the feed readers I definitely recommend checking it out – click the title of the article to come to the site.

The video shows water falling spelling out all kinds of different words in different arrangements. I see permanent installations of these as well as ads using them very soon.

Here is a great article explaining the Stephen Pevnick waterfall.

Previous Jeep coverage at

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5 Great ways to reach today’s youth (+1 Bonus)

Attending The Youth Marketing Conference has got me thinking about the best mediums to connect with today’s younger citizens. Below is a list of mediums that offer an effective way of spreading your message to today’s youth. This demographic includes people that are 18-24 years old. Although I do not go into specific psychographic and demographic information you can use the targeting options available throughout each medium to specifically target your audience.


More Turns 1 Year Old

Its official – we have been blogging for 1 year!

It all started with a first blog post called Joining the conversation on March 3rd 2006 and we havnt looked back since. (first post here)

Our initial message is still true today and hopefully we have fulfilled our promise to cover the latest and greatest in marketing and advertising.

As the curtain in front of is pulled away you will see a different approach that allows novices and experts alike to participate in the conversation and learn together. One of the biggest problems I have seen to date for a “late adopters” (i.e. most large agencies) is that there is no starting point for vocabluary, knowledge, or comprehending new and innovative ideas. This blog will cover learning about new media, learning about emerging media, and explain all aspects of interactive marketing for beginners.

Many of you (our readers) joined us along the way and most likely missed the posts from the beginning and may have missed some others too. Below is a brief collection of posts that stood out above the rest and a few of my favorites. You can checkout more in our interactive archive.

How to make a brand evangelist for life
Apple gives 1 billionth song downloader a ton of cool apple products.

The end of the big advertising agency
The big advertising agency days are numbered…

Which agency size is best?
Our first interactive reader poll.

The future of advertising My interpretation of where advertising is heading.

Advertise Different
(First AD post: Johny Walker ad)
After seeing campaigns, ads, and other interesting marketing around the web and in real life we wanted a way to share with others and give some thoughts and opinions around them. This category features some interesting commercials, advertisements, and marketing memes that were around in 2006 or before. Some of them were very popular – others were simply campaigns that caught my eye.
Advertising Different: ING Direct
Advertise Different: ABC Network
Advertise Different: RFID Advertising
Advertise Different: Audi – Streets of Tomorrow
Advertise Different: US Open 2006

Although we criticize often – we also give praise where it is due. These great articles outline some initiatives and strides that were worth noting.
Wake up call to traditional Ad Agencies
Ad Agencies thinking differently
Saatchi & Saatchi Reacts to New Media

Oh and we do have a sense of humor too!
iPod parody video from Microsoft
Lego & Eggo Team Up! (what could be better?)
Web 3.0
Marketing Cliche’s
EggVertising (possibly coined here first?)
The Apple halo affect

Dont forget about SEMSEO:
Enterprise Search
Search articles on

One meme we continue to cover and probably contribute to speculation on: Internet TV & Google TV
The Future of TV Sponsored by Google AdSense and Search
Coming Soon: Google Television
Google gets into video advertising

Upfront Coverage:
Some advertisers opt out of the Upfront (Coke + Johnson & Johnson)

iPhone Coverage back in May 2006
The iPhone and Apple Marketing

We also try to introduce new technologies and insight into how to use them to our readers. Understanding that everyone is at a different level articles like What is RSS went over well with the newbie and expert crowds.
What is RSS? What is Really Simple Syndication?

Sometime back in June 2006 we began running our Marketing Links section which featured a roundup of links from blogs and the internet. These articles have small digestible links with only the info you need.
Marketing links 1
Marketing Links 2
Marketing Links 3

One of our biggest accomplishments has been the successful introduction of our Marketing and Advertising Blog Network which was highlighted first here in the marketing network launch post. We have been lucky to have such amazing members and have even grown into a major force combining our efforts into the Marketing and Advertising Network on Feedburner.

We even have a new contributor Adam Perlis who wrote a great article called State of the TV Industry: Part I look out for part II coming soon. Welcome Adam!

Marketing Podcast
Marketing Podcast

On September 3rd 2006 we began our Marketing Podcast, had our first episode and never looked back! We have had an amazing 5 shows and interviewed some amazing people.
Marketing Podcast 2
Marketing Podcast 3
Marketing Podcast 4
Marketing Podcast 5

We have many interviews, topics, and shows schedule and invite anyone interested in coming on the program to contact us or send in some feedback.

Some recent amazing milestones:
We were invited to cover the Youth Marketing Conference and THE Conference on Marketing.

We were invited to join the 9Rules blog network on 12/18/06. We are a part of the round 5 9rules members and could not be happier with being included! I have met some amazing people and even connected with some great service providers helping us improve the site.

Blogging has taught me some amazing things in 2006 and 2007 and I have met some amazing people through Sometimes it is hard to keep blogging with a full time job and everything else that comes with life, but looking back I am glad I did. We have kept up a momentum that has truly paid off.

I would like to give a special thanks to my blogging partner and co-editor Lee Jones. Lee has written some amazing articles over the past year and is directly responsible for keeping me motivated and working on this blog. It is always great to have a good partner in business as you can push one another to achieve greatness. I think we have both accomplished quite a lot over the past 365 days of blogging and we have even more planned for year 2.

If you have made it this far….thanks! We have some exciting news for 2007, and although I cant give everything away now – stay tuned for some MAJOR site improvements, contributors, amazing interviews.

I cannot complete this post without thanking the most important part of our blog – the audience. I want to personally thank each and every person who takes the time to put into your feed reader, browse here daily, or subscribed via email. Without our readers we would not have a blog. As of today – 03/03/07 we have an amazing 414 loyal readers. To me this is quite an accomplishment.

Looking forward I hope to meet the following goals over the next year:

1. Reach 1000 feed subscribers!
2. Post our 50th Podcast episode!
3. Grow our consulting practice
4. Grow the Marketing and Advertising network to 150,000 readers (currently at 100,000)
5. Cross over to a traditional marketing and advertising medium with our work

Last but not least is a special thanks to some of the people who have influenced this blog and kept me motivated:
Seth Godin
Guy Kawasaki
Fred Wilson
Lee Odden
and many more…

Like I said in the first post ever made on this domain – “Welcome to the Future:)

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More Links Round-Up: 1/12/07


Welcome back to the Marketing Links Roundup where we show you some great marketing links and blogs from around the blogosphere.

Green Advertising – Here is a recent NYTimes article about eco-friendly advertising campaigns & agencies. I love the idea of companies with environmentally conscious products, policies, and advertising. I think it’s a great approach to marketing because people are willing to pay more for a brand that cares (obviously this doesn’t necessarily make sense for everyone).

What Digitas’ Sale Means For New Media – iMedia connection discusses Publicis’ recent purchase of Interactive agency Digitas. While it may be too soon to determine the success of this acquisition, it is perhaps the most exciting and significant agency announcement in a while as traditional shops struggle to evolve.

Airport Security Advertising
– Why not? The lines are certainly long enough. TV’s with any content at all would be more than welcome too.

Google Billboards – Google is now offering out of home media placement via the internet. This is getting interesting…

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Everything is For Sales in Las Vegas


This Diet Pepsi Advertisement covers the entire side of the Flamingo hotel on the strip in Las Vegas. They must not be doing so well if they’re selling rooms with ads blocking the view. If my window was covered by a Pepsi ad, the mini-bar better be stocked with free drinks!

I guess anything and everything is for sale in Sin City…


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Advertise Different: NYC Taxi’s Dressed up as Cows

Update thanks to Kate and Anthony:
MSNBC has coverage as does USA Today

I took this picture on my way to work this morning. (Sorry for the poor quality but it was with my camera phone and had to be done fast) I saw this Taxi on the corner of 14th and University. I think its a pretty great idea and even had the horns on the front of the cab. Clearly this sponsorship would have to cost a bundle, but perhaps they contacted a specific medallion holder for sponsoring only a small fleet. Hopefully our readers can provide more info…


I am not sure what it is for yet but I believe the text on the top of the cow taxi says “The BasketballsBulls in the world are in New York City”

If anyone has any info or what this is for please let me know.

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