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This blog is written by Eric Friedman.

Eric Friedman is Director of Sales and Revenue Operations at foursquare.  He joined as foursquare first got started, focussing on growing the merchant community, and is now focussed on building up the sales team and generating revenue for the Company.  Eric was formerly at Union Square Ventures, a venture capital firm focussed on early stage web services and technology companies.  He also spent three years working at Reprise Media, a full service SEM, SEO, and social media agency startup that was acquired by IPG in 2007.  Prior to that Eric spent time at Grey Advertising working at Mediacom and Beyond Interactive with clients within both divisions.  Eric has combined his entrepreneurial interests and experience in product management, finance, marketing, and account management in his work.  Eric has a BBA from George Washington University.

I use this blog as a platform for my own views, not that of my employer, and to get feedback on ideas, think about projects and learn new things.

You can email me at ericfriedman @ gmail.com

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Eric Friedman