This post is definitely a joke, but it hit such a chord with my friends I thought I would open up the dialogue here – what to eat at the business breakfast?.

To be honest, I have never given this much thought. To my surprise a group of friends I was recently with had this conversation with had thought about it, and the opinions were all over the map. The conversation was sparked by Jon Steinberg who wondered aloud about the implications of food ordering at a breakfast meeting.

Folks have come back and brought up this discussion again letting me know what they had for breakfast at some meeting. The strong convictions of people actually thinking about this were very surprising. I order what I want because I am hungry, and feel it does not really reflect on me at all. But, since I have been posting about much more serious topics like how to setup a meeting and the go between I thought it was time for something a little bit lighter.

So what do you think?

French Toast

Hands down this breakfast got the most negative responses – for the record I think its a fine choice as it allows control over your meal and shows you can be healthy.

Results on French Toast:

“The worst possible breakfast to order at a business morning meeting. It shows a lack of serious approach and a immature attitude.”
“Too messy”
“It is desert for breakfast which is just unacceptable”

Eggs Toast and Sausage

This is the go to for many a diner meal – but not ok for a business breakfast.

“Its shows you are all over the place without much structure”
“It is a non-starter as its too messy”
“Middle of the road, average joe, 9-5 type of employee”

The main take away for me here was this one was not too bad, but didn’t really get anything across either.

The egg white omelette

eggwhite omlette

This one may take the cake for worst order at a business breakfast – key quotes below.

“No chance of getting a deal done, getting the job, or showing you are a good candidate”
“Prepare to be walked all over”
“Weakness shown all over the plate”

What about regular cereal?


Well it turns out this one got some pretty interesting opposition as well.

“What are you? 5 years old?”
“Very Zen – shows calmness”
“No way, cereal is not the way to go at any breakfast meeting ever”

So what is the consensus on the go-to item to get for the business breakfast? The item that is universally acceptable and promotes the best message? None other than oatmeal.



It turns out that oatmeal got the least opposition from the group – commentary below.

“Oatmeal with fruit says you are there to eat breakfast, healthy, but still ready to do business”
“Clean, concise, and concentrated”
“Best option across the board – its clean and simple to eat and projects the best picture”

So what did we leave out? Let me know in the comments.

I have provide some visuals to help represent the conclusions we came up with. Visuals provided by ShutterStock.

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