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Following up on yesterdays post about search news of queries getting longer I wanted to comment on the recent changes and addition of search rank now being included in Google’s search strings they are returning to users which was originally written about here.

As SEL notes there could be many reasons howwhenwhy this is happening.

As Patrick Altoft says in his post the new string includes “cd” which could stand for “click detail” as well as other parameters.
To explain this clearly it means that when you search for something on Google, it now tells you the rank of your item. This means that if you are the 5th result in a search engine results page (SERP) it will be identified with a “5″.

Why does any of this matter?
As more automated SEO systems begin to tie in BI (business intelligence) together, this data can be used to better represent what is going in within a fixed period of time. Sites battle for search engine marketing dominance and fight for ranking, positioning, site links, CPC, and any other variable possible. The introduction of a new variable that is tracked and accounted for by Google opens up new data for reporting.

I can almost hear the collective groan of the SEM report compilers at the addition of yet another column of data – but this one is pretty important. If you are not getting your official CD Click Data number included in your reports (assuming Google roles out this feature globally) you should request it. Technically advanced SEO report makers deliver this data anyway, now Google is reporting it for them.

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