TinyURL is a service that allows you to change a website that contains a long string of characters down into a bite sized link that can be shared via email or Twitter without worrying about character count, or the link being broken by poor formatting in an email client.

I read news recently from Louis Gray that TinyURL now has custom aliases for making your shortened domain names.

For example I just registered the following using the service:
http://www.tinyurl.com/ericfriedman which resolves to www.marketing.fm

This seems like it will present another TLD gold rush of people grabbing TinyURL’s. I was not able to find examples of single dictionary names but I am sure they will show up in the next few daysweeksmonths. Granted the service was certainly not setup for that, but with any other name service that allows custom names to be created I have always found people who abuse the system. I supposed the value of a generic name is not as important as the person spreading the link, but I am sure there will be some type in traffic for generic terms.