This should certainly shake things up…


YouTube is going to debut a new in video ad placements that will not be shown to users until 15 seconds into the clip according to Marketing Pilgrim, which will start tomorrow. This is big news for the Internet video industry as well as the reported 130 million YouTube subscribers who will as of 08/22/07 be exposed to the new ad format.

I have embedded the new YouTube in Video ad format below: (feed readers please click through to see the advertisement on the video)

What does this mean for online video? Well as the major SEM advertisers take their queues from Google, expect to see similar actions by other online video website. Google has stated since it first acquired YouTube that it was testing different video ad formats so that content owners could share in the profits of their viewers. This move will immediately dominate over other video ad standards as it is clearly the biggest player in the market.

Conclusion: I agree that it was time to start monetizing the videos for the uploaders, but there should be a clear option to opt-out of such advertising. If YouTube wants to place ads around my video so be it, but I should have the choice as to what goes into my video. I think this is a positive move for the online video market and should solidify Google’s prominence in this marketplace. I am awaiting the reaction from the other video sites to either bow down and follow suite – or rise up and innovate.

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