I joined MyBlogLog well before the Yahoo Acquisition and I think it has been a given a great community outside of our actual Marketing site.

A blog is all about its readers and this has given some transparency into who is reading this blog, commenting, and sharing links and messages. I think any blog can benefit from this service and only continues to open up the lines of communication between your customers and you.

Below is a snapshot of my community page.

Looking back through my email it appears I have been a member since 05/17/06 and over the past 9 months our community has grown to over 150 members and I have met tons of people and traded messages with lots of people. Sure this membership number doesn’t compare to some of the larger sites out there, but I am still happy that every single person signed up.

So if you are a member or even if you have never heard of MyBlogLog come checkout the marketing community page.

MyBlogLog is doing some interesting customized MyBlogLog community’s which I have written about before and now with Yahoo behind them I hope to see even more innovation from them.

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