Time Magazine

The crowd has been named the Time person of the year. More specifically they will claim “You” as their choice given the events of the past year and the now more apparent power of individuals. I think Jarvis gets it right when he explains that it has always been “us”:

It’s just that the people who thought they had the power now have no choice to but hear us and recognize that we are, and always have been, the boss.

In reading the blogosphere about this story its clear many folks agree; this “honor” just doesnt feel right given everything that is going on.

But lets look at the article a bit further – I am not sure I have seen so many buzzwords in a mainstream news article to date. This is (and I hate to say it) but the most 2.0 infused story I have seen in awhile.

here are a few buzzwords from the article: (links by me)

million-channel people’s network
web 2.0, web 2.0, web 2.0 (I mean 3 times in one article – are you serious?)

I am stopping before someone turns this article into a drinking game:)

So the author covers; podcasting, vlogging, video, all consumer generated content, participation (comments), television – and glosses over some of the major issues of the day.

As a very technically inclined person I would like to think I understand the article and all the vocab. included but I cant wait to hear the reactions from the average reader. There are a lot of people who still have no idea what youtube really is, no clue about blogging, and have never heard of web 2.0.

The real benchmark for me will be hearing from my friends and family about this article and see their reactions. Maybe I will follow up on this post with some of their thoughts in a week or so.

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